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Friday, November 23
  Thanksgiving 2007

I spent the day visiting my homeless friends on the streets. I cooked Thanksgiving meals around the campfire.

Okay, it might not have been a traditional turkey and stuffing dinner, but it was traditional fellowship and conversation; the turkey wraps were hot, and the coffee, tepid.

Willie plans to get a place inside early next week. He says he’s getting too old to live on the ground. He adds, “But, this has been good life.”

I ask, “Willie, what do you like about living like this?”

He responds, “Gee, I haven’t given that much thought!” Then, he squeaks out a laugh.

Being elderly and disabled and living on the streets is a miserable and lonely way to live. Still, Willie manages to find gratitude in his heart … gratitude he expresses every time I see him.

He’s a better man than me.

May God bless Willie, all our homeless friends, and all folks who hold the homeless and poor in their prayers.


Monday, May 28
Been awhile!

I never left. Just livin large!

Friday, March 30
  I'd like ...

I’d like to write, but it’s like I’ve lost my verbation.
(ability to write what I vision)

I see so much, everyday.
I don’t know what to write about.

Guess, I’ll just go on experiencing life …
to the fullest of the depression I see everyday …
for now.

I guess I’m happy. But, there've been some grey days! 
Wednesday, March 28
  Been there ...

Done that!

Fastest thing I’ve seen
Lately, is …


Everything you do in this life – for good or bad, or for naught – you take to Heaven with you when you die. The good you do is not nearly as important as the bad you leave undone.

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